Our Model

Collectively, Our Strategic Investors operate over 550 hospitals, with 90,000 beds and handle approximately 3M discharges annually. They employ over 500,000 individuals and work with more than 65,000 physicians. They cover 20 million lives under a number of leading health plans, deliver pharmaceutical and medical products to over 100,000 locations daily, and generate revenues of over $300B.

Our model is based upon deep engagement with Our Strategic Investors to determine their operational priorities, identify companies addressing those needs, and accelerate the growth of those companies. Our structure and team are specifically organized to facilitate collaboration between Portfolio Companies and Strategic Investors to drive value for each. Our objective is to deliver value beyond capital, and the results speak for themselves.

Unlike other venture firms, Our Strategic Investors play an active role in the evaluation and investment decision process. Our Advisory Committees consist of over 60 senior executives designated by our investors to represent their specific interests. These executives serve as advisors, critics, customers and even board members for portfolio companies.

Case Studies

Everyday Well

Before even finalizing the investment, Heritage facilitated conversations with investors, leading to several contracts.

Following the investment, Vivify signed agreements with three Strategic Investors and was featured in two health systems' Innovation Showcases.

The partnerships Heritage Group helped Explorys to build dramatically increased the company's revenue.

Case study - Vivify and Trinity

After forging connections with investors, Heritage also facilitated several contracts between Sharecare and other health systems.